SEO and Squarespace are Two Peas in a Pod

One of the most asked questions we get from potential clients is: “What about all that SEO stuff?” When you launch your voice actor website, you want to make sure it’s friendly to Google searches (and all other search engines for that matter). But reading about SEO (search engine optimization) is about as interesting as reading an IKEA manual while watching paint dry while drinking flat ginger ale.

Let me tell you, Squarespace built in everything we’re going to need to make your website bosom buddies with the search engines. But, if you really want to look under the hood and hear all about SEO and Squarespace (which is what we design all of our custom VO websites on), here are five of the best articles from around the Interwebz:

What Squarespace does for SEO by Squarespace

This post is straight from the horses mouth. Squarespace builds everything in to their framework and this article will show you exactly how the sausage is made

Do these 7 things to instantly improve Squarespace SEO by Charlotte O’Hara

50 things you need to know about Squarespace SEO by Charlotte O’Hara

3 Silly Myths About Squarespace SEO by Neesha Woolery

I hope this satisfies any questions you might have about Squarespace and SEO. At VO Site Pro, we know everything that needs to be done to make sure your site is ready to go from an SEO point of view.

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