Why We Design Websites Only on Squarespace

We’ve been designing websites for years on just about every platform imaginable. From Wordpress, to custom HTML we’ve run the gamut on web design. When we launched VO Site Pro in mid-2018, we made the tough decision to build voice over websites for clients only on Squarespace. We hesitated at first because it would mean turning down business from voice actors who would want their website on another platform.

But, we believe that Squarespace is the best platform for voice actors for a few reasons:

Squarespace is your web host, design platform, your demo host, site analytics, and your domain and email host (if you want that). Having everything all under one roof is sooooooo much easier to manage. And, let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do is to have to communicate with a hosting company, a different domain name and email provider, a web designer, etc, etc. You can spend your life going back and forth when you should be in front of a mic auditioning or email marketing to potential clients.

A lot of voice actors try to make it work on Wordpress but they spend their productive time figuring out SEO plugins, responding to security holes and running update after update.

Easy to Use

Squarespace is incredibly easy to use. Whether you do-it-yourself or have VO Site Pro do it for you, it’s easy to update a demo, change a photo or add a new client yourself. You can make changes “on the fly” without breaking anything. This saves you money in the long-run as you don’t have to get a designer involved to make simple changes (the same cannot be said for other platforms). How many times have you heard another voice actor say “I have to get with my web guy” to update demos, photos, etc? Too often. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Showcasing Your Demos

There’s nothing more frustrating than utilizing a third party service like VoiceZam or SoundCloud to showcase your demos and have it 1) not work at all, or 2) look terrible on your beautifully-designed site. With Squarespace, your demos look and sound great. You don’t have to goto another website to listen to them. It’s all right there on your little home on the web.

Squarespace Evolves with the Web

If you’ve used (or are currently using) Wordpress, how many times do you login to your dashboard only to see twenty updates you need to run. And, when you run them, something breaks and your site just looks funky? It happens. A lot. With Squarespace the updates happen seamlessly without you ever knowing about it. Your site stays online, looks great and your demos and client portfolio still look as good as the day they were produced.


“Ummm, what about SEO?” We get that question all the time. Squarespace was built with SEO in mind. From the word go, Squarespace’s back-end has all the tools ready to go. No plugins that can result in your site getting hacked and no extra charges for it. When you go with Squarespace, SEO is ready to go from Day 1.

At VO Site Pro, we can’t imagine a better platform to design on. If you have questions about starting your voice over website or moving your existing website over to Squarespace, drop us a line. We’d love to help you get going.